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Frozen Pineapple

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Oh sweet, tangy pineapple! The tropical fruit with the funky hairdo is nutrient-dense, low in calories, and offers a long list of health benefits such as treating indigestion and allergies. The high supply of vitamins C and B1, potassium, and manganese prevent disease formation, making the pineapple so much more than a mere cocktail garnish! The presence of phytonutrients also helps reduce symptoms of various common illnesses and conditions of today.

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The benefits of this fruit are:

  1. Rich Source of Immune Boosting Vitamin C
  2. High in Fibre
  3. Improves Fertility
  4. Protects Against Cardiovascular Disease
  5. Prevents Asthma
  6. Helps Mental Health
  7. Helps Fight Cancer
  8. Reduces Inflammation
  9. Aids in Digestion

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