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Product FAQ

Since we source from a variety of suppliers, we can not guarantee that our produce is organically grown. We can, however, guarantee that all our fruit undergoes washing and sorting before freezing to ensure that you get the best possible quality (they go through a double wash cycle to remove any residual pesticides: first by the farmers, and then by us before the freezing process).

We (and our suppliers) try to support the local market as much as possible, but sometimes we have to look outside our borders to find the highest quality fruit, berries, and ingredients; this also helps curb seasonality.

We currently have frozen red beet, frozen kale, frozen ginger, frozen celery and frozen spinach representing the vegetables, and we're planning on getting them some veggie friends in the near future!

We have an array of recipes on our website that really show off our products and can offer some inspiration for delicious smoothies, smoothie bowls, cocktails, baking, and cooking.

Our bananas get a sprinkle of ascorbic acid (essentially vitamin C) to stop the browning process, but other than that, freezing is our sole method of preservation - nothing else gets added! We let the fruit and veggies shine for themselves.

This is a common misconception that we're happy to clear up: the answer is NO, the freezing process does not strip the produce of its nutrients. Freezing is merely a preservation method to ensure that you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle all year round.

We recommend using 140g of frozen fruit and/or berries with approximately 250g of liquid. Also take note that the more dry product you add (e.g. whey protein powder), the more liquid you'll need to compensate for the thicker consistency.

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