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Aug 29, 2019
Ice Lolly Inspiration for kids

The trickiest thing about making ice lollies is finding ice lolly moulds, but once you’ve got those you’ll have trouble keeping up with demand for these delicious ice lollies! The flavour combinations are endless so here are just five of our favourite flavour combinations – these recipes are just the basic combinations, and you can add, subtract and adjust to your own tastes:

  • Strawberry Yoghurt Lollies: Blend frozen strawberries up together with plain yoghurt until smooth – have a taste and see if it needs extra sweetness. If it does, add some honey and mix thoroughly before adding small chunks of strawberries to the mix and placing in your ice lolly moulds. TIP:  You can also replace yoghurt with banana
  • Tropical fruit Lollies: Blend up mango and pineapple together with a touch of lime and some coconut milk for a milky lollie.  Add to lolly mould and allow to freeze through before serving.
  • Choc Banana Lollies: Puree bananas together with cocoa powder and a touch of almond milk, adding a little bit of peanut or almond butter and vanilla essence to taste before spooning into the ice lolly moulds.
  • Creamy Green Lollies: Blend avocado with lemon juice, plain yoghurt and honey. Give it a taste and adjust before placing in the ice lolly moulds.
  • Berry Delicious Lollies: Choose a selection of berries, including raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries and place in a food processor with plain yoghurt. Pulse until the berries are partly combined with the yoghurt, but still chunky. Taste and add honey if necessary and place in ice lolly moulds.

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